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Title: Product Information
Post by: rvrunner on August 26, 2020, 09:49:14 am
Looking at the floor plans on the web site, the 2400 is totally wrong. The STD 2400 in 2018 had the large electric sofa next to the double door closet, both the sofa and the closet were in the slide. It was a large slide providing a large living room in the coach. Across from that was 2 lounge chairs with a small pull out table. We opted for a full dinette instead of the 2 chairs in our 2400. The floor plan shown on this site shows a small slide with dinette, across from that are the 2 chairs. There is no bed in this floor plan, I doubt  that one has ever been built. We have friends who like our 2400 but tell us the floor plan shown on this site is totally different. I've pointed this out before on this forum and it was missed by the company or simply fell on deaf ears. Also the 2100 and 2400 always had 23 gal. black and 35 gal grey, the current specs are just the opposite, I assume that the tanks are still the same and the new site has the wrong specs. That makes a huge difference on your dumping schedule. If you're not going to order a 2400 you probably don't care, but the 2400 is one of only 2 coaches that offer a large living room, a few of us still like that floor plan. Just more confusion and inaccurate information.  PC NEEDS TO KNOW ITS PRODUCT BETTER.