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Title: Compression Bags
Post by: 2 Frazzled on March 21, 2019, 05:05:00 pm
I found these cool compression bags on Amazon:
I purchased the 10 piece set and used them all (we're full time, we have stuff). The large are actually a bit too large for most of my uses but they worked. I was able to fold them after squishing. I compressed our winter clothes, our rain suits, the queen size bedding for the couch (pics below), our mosquito netting (two scout type bug nets to go over hammocks or chairs, a full bug suit with mitts and booties, two head nets, and two shirts - all bug stuff in one bag pics below) AND three hammocks (in one bag - two single hammocks, one double the slap straps store separately). The bedding bags dropped right behind the couch, other bags are in our overhead cabinets and some are against the back wall of the rig in the wardrobe.

These bags do not need a vacuum. They have a channel at the bottom so the air goes out of the sealed bag and into the channel on the left, traverses the bottom of the bag and exits on the right. When the bag tries to suck air back in it actually sucks that channel closed even tighter. You can reopen the bags on the zipper end and reuse them over and over. If you buy them don't worry about the white zipper tabs. They fall off. It's OK, they are only on there to help you get that awesome double zip seal on the bag. Stick them back on and zip away. I was careful to stick them back on when I stored the finished bags so I have them for next time. If they fall off, I'll just tuck one into my repair bin so I can use it on any of the bags that need it. Note, stuff comes out wrinkled. I didn't care.

I did not get my bags to be flat. They are mostly flat for over half the bag then a big lump. I'm sure I could do better if I worked at it but you know, it worked and I declared it "good enough." All that bulky stuff is squished flat and tucked away. Now if we could just magically make it all weigh less...

There is a standard pen in each picture for perspective. Everything is opened out and placed in the bag as flat as possible before sealing and compressing.
Happy shopping,
Title: Re: Compression Bags
Post by: donc13 on March 21, 2019, 08:54:13 pm
Would you let me know how these hold up when you go up in altitude.  I don't know where your travels will take you so I won't expect an answer anytime soon.
I put my down jacket in a 2 gal. Ziplock bag at about 5000 ft. and suck the air out so it is flat.  It stays that way until we start heading uphill towards home, then blows up like a balloon.  It's the same reason you 'll open toothpaste, shampoo, potato chips etc. very carefully when you go up in altitude.

Thanks, Patti
Title: Re: Compression Bags
Post by: 2 Frazzled on March 22, 2019, 08:56:06 am
Good to know. I used squished ziplocks when backpacking and their seal can only hold for so long. These are made for travel and reviews talk about packing for plane trips and how awesome they worked on the trip. Hopefully that holds true for us also.

We hope to go up in altitude soon. Near Tucson now but aiming up through the Rockies when the snow clears. I'll update then.

As a side note, we flew with a latched waterproof box once. When we landed, we couldn't open it. We had to use tools to carefully break the seal. That surprised us as the pressure should have been similar to what we started with. We only latch it now when we are taking it out on the water. Bags are more flexible so here's hoping!