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Title: Planned Maintenance Program--Downloads
Post by: NC Sailors on April 27, 2010, 09:18:43 am
For sake of argument, let us assume that Phoenix sells a well-designed, reasonably well assembled product. Further, if you use your PC properly and maintain it effectively, the PC’s tried and true components will provide years of trouble-free service. I believe that this argument is true. However, it is true only if you use it properly and maintain it effectively.

One approach is to assume that you know what you are doing and just use things until they stop working. However, such a “run to fail” approach often results in inconvenient situations (e.g., stranded in nowhere) and can be very expensive.

The alternative approach is to organize, understand, and use that jumble of manuals and other data that came with your PC. This is what professionals do who operate systems for a living. Their approach, preventive or planned maintenance (PM), requires that operators use equipment as intended and that operators (or higher-level technicians) periodically check and service (e.g., adjust, clean, lubricate, etc.) equipment to keep it working to specification. The objective of PM is to enable operators to use equipment when they need it and to minimize the need for repairs.

So much for theory. I have attached three documents that I used to organize the set of technical data I got with my PC. If you have questions as to where I got the info, why it’s in there, or what it means, I will be glad to answer them in this thread.
Title: Re: Planned Maintenence Program
Post by: gradygal on April 27, 2010, 10:10:41 am
Wow! Very impressive. We printed and will see if our 2350 Sprinter has the same components as yours.

We spoke with Beau at Diamondshield and they recommend using Mequiars Flagship Premium Marine Wax #6316 on the Coach. We used it. The shine is beautiful. Then use 303 Protectant over the wax.

Judi and George
Title: Re: Planned Maintenance Program
Post by: aimee on November 01, 2010, 01:20:32 pm
I think this information is very useful, so I'm going to sticky it and lock it so that others can find it easily. If anyone has similar documents for other models that they'd like me to add to this thread, please PM me, and I'll add them.